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MoX is recruitting

12/10/2012 09:26

MoX current progress

11/23/2012 20:13

4/6 done in 25man mode !

10/23/2012 09:04

MOP : 1/6 down 25man

10/05/2012 09:01

6/8 HC down !

08/02/2012 07:11

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MoX is resting...
10/21/2013 11:02 by Fraoulitza
Due IRL commitments of many MoX officers and no replacements being found in reasonable time, MoX has been put to rest for the time being. If enough interested people are found, a rebirth can be possible... So if you are interested of breathing some fresh air into MoX, feel free to contact any officer online.

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Project REBORN
05/13/2013 18:09 by Fraoulitza

I refuse to leave MoX to die just like that. So i came up with this project. It was something that i was thinking for a long time now and i think this is the right time to share my vision with you.

People come, people go we cant avoid that. Its in the human nature. Many have left for more adventures, more hardcore guilds and a God knows what else.... But what about those who are loyal to MoX? As long as this game is still alive n kicking there will always be a reason for us to play i guess.
We did a great start in MoP launch by raiding as 25man guild and we could progress even more if people were up for that. Months have passed , we had to switch to 2 x 10man teams and even then we still had descent progress. Things then got even worse. One of our team started falling apart. That infection took no time to spread on the other team also. So here we are at a point that we dont raid at all. Officially we re not raiding, we re a dead guild? I guess so. But death in WoW is not permanent.
Many of our core raiders have left, i wish good luck to their journey in their newfound homes.
No hard feelings, its a game :)
But as i said before i m willing to try harder and rebuild a new MoX, with new core and new officers This is my vision. A guild with a good solid team ready to kick asses!
You might think this is a recruit wall of text n such. You re right but not 100% right as you think. I m seeking for people with patience, and guts to do whatever it takes to make MoX reborn from its own ashes. The fire is still here, the core is still hot!
MoX needs and welcomes everyone who is willing to help to achieve that. Socials / casuals, alts, raiders or not, everyone is able to help. The bigger our guild becomes the better for all of us.
You are a casual player that wants only to do whatever you like and have no worries about anything else? Give it a try join us :)
You do PVP only on your spare time when you login to the game?
You re a fresh level 90?
You re just started leveling?
You got tired of guilds that ask for insane requirements to join them?
Think of everything, think of the reasons that you play the game, and mostly think of what you want to do by yourself and not what they want you to do!
If you managed to read this wall of text and you re interested to help there is only one way....

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Casual Mode :)
04/30/2013 10:27 by Fraoulitza

We decided to go casual mode.... The reasons?

We got tired a bit, it happens to all but we re humans after all :)
We had bud luck with recruiting people cause only one officer was working on that while the others had to take care of some IRL issues. As u see the point is to work as team cause everything else just fails! I hope we ll have our team up and running and we ll start pwning once again!
BUT!!! We re still recruiting, if u re a person that is not on rush to end the current raid content asap but sure before the next major 5,4 that will bring new raiding tier (no worries we ll have it cleared already by then)
BUT!!! If u a re causal person that happens to only care bout login to the game, do few quests and chat with some in game friends and thats it... We still need you :) Social / Casual players are the base ingredient for a succesful guild structure!


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