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Casual Mode :)
04/30/2013 10:27 by Fraoulitza.

We decided to go casual mode.... The reasons?

We got tired a bit, it happens to all but we re humans after all :)
We had bud luck with recruiting people cause only one officer was working on that while the others had to take care of some IRL issues. As u see the point is to work as team cause everything else just fails! I hope we ll have our team up and running and we ll start pwning once again!
BUT!!! We re still recruiting, if u re a person that is not on rush to end the current raid content asap but sure before the next major 5,4 that will bring new raiding tier (no worries we ll have it cleared already by then)
BUT!!! If u a re causal person that happens to only care bout login to the game, do few quests and chat with some in game friends and thats it... We still need you :) Social / Casual players are the base ingredient for a succesful guild structure!


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